September House Update

Despite a lot of work travel for both of us and a brief vacation to Terschelling, we did manage to get a number of things ticked off the to-do list in September. 

The most notable is that we finally bought (and hung) a mirror for the bathroom. We’ve been without a bathroom mirror for the year we’ve lived in the house. We just couldn’t find anything we liked and we finally found this at a cute boutique in Utrecht. 

We also polished all of our brass, which makes me feel extremely fancy, and hung a new door handle on the door.

And we fixed and rehung the doorbell.

We mostly did a lot of work outside. We painted part of the front of the house, as well as the front railing.  

And did some landscaping in the front. It looks so much nicer when you come home now.

And finally installed the last bit of trim for the bedroom railing. 

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