Shooting My Bullet Journal

So I tried bullet journaling.

I promised myself I would give it a go for a month. Two days into that month, I wanted to torch the thing. I fantasized about putting it in the fire pit in the back yard. I was very glad September only has 30 days and not 31.

In theory, a bullet journal would be great for me. I love a good handwritten to-do list. I hand write in a journal. I am always juggling many tasks and I love keeping myself organised.

Overall the experience was terrible. The journal itself was lovely. The beautiful pages of decorations were great to look at. The concept of a bullet journal wasn’t even too difficult to use. The problem was the paper.

The problem with a paper agenda, a paper organiser, a paper method of tracking what books you want to read, is that the information is in one place, only accessible if you have that notebook with you. Also, you cannot copy and paste a link to something into a paper notebook. Paper is not intergrating.

I couldn’t deal.

I did learn a few things about how to organise my task lists. I’m back to using Trello but now with month and week lists to sort out my longer term to-dos and that’s super useful. But otherwise, go green and find the right app for that.

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