Smart Girls Are Pretty Too

“Stereotypes are devices for saving a biased person the trouble of learning.” -Unknown

One of my favorite bloggers, PZ Myers, posted this video today:



The video is in response to the embarrassing responses that actual Miss USA contestants gave regarding whether evolution should be taught in schools.

I love the sentiment of the video. Yes, evolution deniers, this is how incredibly stupid you sound. The suggestions that 7 year olds should be able to decide for themselves if “math” is real or not is ludicrous.

However, I have a complaint. The one reasonable woman in the video, Miss Vermont, is depicted pretty much as a stereotypical geek. All the women in the video have their hair and make up done, they have on dressy outfits and then along comes Miss Vermont in her flannel shirt with her glasses and her messy hair.

In the original Miss USA video, Miss California and Miss Vermont, the two pro-evolution-ists, both look like all the other contestants. They are wearing make up, jewelry, a fancy dress with stylish hair. Why couldn’t the Miss Vermont in this video look like that?

I know that it is a stereotype that smart women are all ugly or, at the very least, unkempt and unconcerned about their appearance. Let’s stop embracing it.

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