Splendidly Good Eats

“I don’t even butter my bread. I consider that cooking.” -Katherine Cerbian

If you’re a frequent reader of my blog (or have ever just shown up on a Wednesday, when I post a recipe) you know I love to cook. I, unsurprisingly, love cooking shows. I watch Top Chef, Bobby Flay, Ace of Cakes, Iron Chef, No Reservations, and a bunch of others. They are great inspirations for recipes and an excellent way to learn about food.

I have two most favorite cookings shows. One is is on NPR. You may be surprised to know that there is a cooking show on the radio. The Splendid Table is hosted by Lynne Rossetto Kasper and has won a couple of James Beard Awards. Kasper has published several cookbooks and writes a weekly syndicated column. The show is less about instructions and more just about food. She has Jane and Michael Stern on during every show to talk about “Roadfood.” She also does a segment called “Stump The Cook,” in which callers give Kasper five ingredients and she has to create a meal. She will do speciality segments on things like coffee cupping. Kasper is an adorable host and comes up with some brilliant recipes. She’s really knowledgeable about all sorts of cooking techniques.

My other favorite show is Alton Brown’s Good Eats. Brown’s show is a cooking lesson. He starts with a theme in every show and explains it thoroughly. For example, he did a show on salmon in which he talks about the history of salmon, their biology, and several salmon cooking techniques. Brown’s show is hysterically funny, with a cast of humorous reoccurring characters (like Brown’s irritating sister.) If you wanna get me a present, I’d love Alton Brown’s new book.

Both shows are straightforward and simple. They don’t make food or cooking pretentious. It’s easily accessible to everyone. And most importantly, both shows are really entertaining.

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