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“I am beyond logic and rationality.” –Imelda Marcos

I’ve been sitting on this post for awhile, debating whether or not I wanted to publish it. I stumbled across this blog post a while back, titled “Why Would God Let This Happen To Baby Eden?” It’s discussing why God would let a newborn baby die.

The post isn’t written by the parents. The author indicates she (I think it’s a she) is a friend of the parents. I’m truly sorry these people had to experience the death of a child. I have no idea what that feels like. I can’t imagine the pain that they are going through.

It seems their baby was diagnosed with Trisomy 18, a terrible disorder that’s nearly 100% fatal. The baby survived seven days after she was born. Then “friends” of the parents wrote a post about why God let this happen.

The author starts out by saying,

“Many people may be reading this blog and asking themselves the common question, How can a ‘loving’ God allow bad things happen to ‘good’ people?” It saddens me how few Christians know the answer to this question. The “Well, that’s just the way God works. Sometimes He helps and sometimes He doesn’t. We shouldn’t question Him.” is NOT a good answer.”

Well honey, I hate to break it to you, but that argument is significantly more logical than what you are about to offer up.

Then the author discusses original sin,

“First, God NEVER wanted things to be this way. God’s original creation was PERFECT and without sin, suffering, pain and death. Imagine that, NO PAIN and NO DEATH! All we knew was GOOD. But God gave us a choice to live in perfection or CHOOSE to rebel and learn about evil. Unfortunately, our ancestors (Adam and Eve) choose to rebel and eat of the tree of the knowledge of good AND evil.”

So some people fucked up, according to your Bible, 6000 years ago and now I’m still paying the price for it? Not just me, but an unborn child*? How the hell could that kid have chosen to rebel in the womb? Caused mom heartburn?

Then the author notes that,

“God could have, and should have, left us in this condition, but He didn’t. He loves us too much.”

He loves us too much to let us live without pain or death? Now sense that makes equals zero.

Further, who are you to say what God SHOULD have done, missy?

The author then discusses miracles,

“He often intervenes and reverses the effects of sin in the world and in our lives. We call this a miracle. But the true miracle is how He orchestrates all these things for the ultimate good!”

So why didn’t this baby get a miracle? Did her parents not pray hard enough? Was God too busy giving some other baby a miracle? What kinda jackass God doesn’t give a miracle to some totally innocent kid?

Well it turns out that God let this baby die for the “ultimate good.” Personally, I think it would have been ultimately good if the parents got to have a healthy baby, but what the hell do I know?

“You may ask, “How can Eden’s condition be used for good?” That’s an easy question to answer:

1. Eden has taught Tina and me so many wonderful things; the love of a father and the compassion of a mother, the miracle of life and the tragedy of death. I have never had so much joy or so much pain before in my life.

2. You have benefited. That’s right, you are benefiting from this situation. How many times have I heard people comment on the blog, “I thought my problems were big, but now I see they are not.” or “I gave my son or daughter an extra big hug today.” How wonderful is that. Life is precious and a gift from God and we often take it for granted.

3. Others. I hope that others that are going through a difficult time with their kids can stumble across this blog and find comfort.

4. Heaven. The Bible is clear that those who die before the age of accountability will be with God in heaven. And those who trust in Jesus Christ will also be in heaven. What a wonderful reunion it will be when we see Eden in her new body someday! My sister Kim put it so well when she said in one of her comments, “Heaven will be a sweeter place with Eden in it.”

You learned stuff? I benefited? Other people benefited? God’s not smart enough to teach us those lessons without murdering a baby? Couldn’t he send down some flash cards or something?

And heaven will be a sweeter place with the baby in it? Earth would have been to. Why does God get the kid?

Then this shit goes downhill. Or maybe underground, as it was pretty downhill to begin with.

“Secondly, the question is all wrong. The real question is, “How can a JUST God poor out such grace and mercy to an undeserving and God hating people?” The Bible tells us there is none righteous, no not one. Yet God demonstrated His love for us by dying for us on the cross, even while we were still rejecting Him. Jesus sacrifice gives us a chance to escape this evil world and avoid more pain and suffering in the future.”

You wait until NOW to tell me it’s the wrong question? Well thanks for wasting my time.

And that baby’s parents didn’t seem God-hating to me, in fact they seemed pretty God-loving.

Oh and God didn’t die on the cross, his kid did.

And here’s something I never understood. If God was going to send his kid down to get killed, why not give us Eden (the place) back? Instead we get stuck on shitty Earth for awhile before we get to go to heaven. Instead of forgiving us, all God did was set out a little obstacle course for us to run through. If we get through it, we get into heaven. That’s not forgiveness, that’s Wipeout.
The author finishes with,

“You may ask, “How can a guy dying 2000 years ago help me?” and “Why aren’t things better then, if God ‘fixed’ things with Jesus death on the cross?” It is all about choice. God has taken the evil of this world and once again gives each of us a choice, life or death.”

Yeah, God didn’t give the kid a choice. I’m willing to bet that Baby Eden would have chosen life if anyone asked her.

Look, this shit happened because of some random genetic mutation. There is no rhyme or reason to it. It was faulty genetics, not God, not Adam, not Eve, and not anyone else. I realize people like this are just searching for answers in the midst of a terrible tragedy.

The problem is, there aren’t any. There is no greater good, no greater purpose. So let’s stop wasting our time searching for that and start searching for ways to deal with this stuff.
If you want to do something, donate money to scientists who search for a cure or method of prevention for this disorder. Or volunteer for an organization that works with the millions of kids out there who aren’t lucky enough to have parents at all. If you want to (waste your time) pray for something, pray the researchers find a cure for this disorder or a method of preventing it.

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