Summer Reading List – Imperial Life in the Emerald City

“Don’t make me release the flying monkeys!” – The Wizard of Oz

Former Baghdad bureau chief for The Washington Post, Rajiv Chandrasekaran wrote Imperial Life about the experiences he had in Baghdad.

Frankly, the book hurts. If only half of what he says is true, The Bush Administration fucked up so disgustingly it’s unbelievable. From his website:

“Chandrasekaran takes us with him into the Zone: into a bubble, cut off from
wartime realities, where the task of reconstructing a devastated nation competed
with the distractions of a Little America—a half-dozen bars stocked with cold
beer, a disco where women showed up in hot pants, a movie theater that screened
shoot-’em-up films, an all-you-could-eat buffet piled high with pork, a shopping
mall that sold pornographic movies, a parking lot filled with shiny new SUVs,
and a snappy dry-cleaning service—much of it run by Halliburton.”

The government screened people based on their opinions of Roe V Wade. We couldn’t protect Iraq’s antiquities, zoos, or military stockpiles from looters, but a flat tax was implemented. It’s beyond absurd.

And it will make you angry.

Apparently, it’s being made into a movie. I find that sorta strange, as there wasn’t a “story” to the book, but it could be interesting.

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