Take Your Loyalty Pledge And Shove It

Part of the Dutch integration package now includes a loyalty pledge. (If you listened to the Dutch News Podcast this week, you probably have a sense of how I feel about this. Or read the title of this post.)

1. There is zero evidence loyalty pledges work.

Ask Trump how that worked out for him. No one who signs a loyalty pledge does so because they feel loyal. Real loyalty doesn’t require a pledge. There’s no evidence from studies that this improves the integration of immigrants anywhere.

2. People in glass houses…

Some things included in the pledge:

Everyone may have their own belief and is free to decide whether to believe or not

Go to a dinner party with Dutch people and declare Zwarte Piet is racist and see how well Dutch people uphold that value.

For example, you may not deliberately insult someone, discriminate against them or stimulate hatred.

And that’s why no women ever get catcalled and why popular websites never use “gay” as a slur and why prominent politicians never call for fewer numbers of any nationality in the country.

In the Netherlands, all citizens are treated equally. Discrimination on the grounds of sex, belief, origin or sexual preference is not accepted.

Which is why all women are equally represented in management roles and no cities need to use blind applications to ensure racial minorities get called for job interviews.

3. The Dutch government thinks people come from an imaginary place

The pledge actually includes a note that all people must contribute to society by working, going to school or volunteering. Where on planet earth is there a place that isn’t like that? What is this magically country where the economy runs on people not doing a goddamn thing?

4. So you gain nothing and you lose, well, a lot

For starters, you lose the chance to make immigrants feel more welcome. And not like they are being treated that children. That you understand that people who move here are backwoods recluses who never existed in society before.

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