The Dog Food Chronicles – Part 6

“One dog barks at something, the rest bark at him.” -Chinese Proverb

I made my biggest and my smallest batches in the last two months. I don’t have the space at my parents’ house to do large batches, so I’m going to aim for ten days to two weeks.

My parents’ butcher thinks I’m insane. I walked in and got beef liver, chicken hearts, and a whole goddamn duck.

Batch 4

Muscle Meat
5lbs pork with bone
9lbs chicken with bone
21.03lbs ground beef
.9375lbs salmon
.5469lbs sardines
Total: 36.5144 (55.84%)

Organ Meat
1.59lbs chicken livers
1.76lbs chicken hearts
Total: 3.35lbs (5.12%)

4lbs peas and carrots
5lbs broccoli
2lbs turnips
2lbs green beans
12.53 mixed veggies (tomatoes, zucchini, yellow squash, cucumber)
Total: 25.53lbs (38.95%)

Total: 65.39lbs
Total Days: 44
Cost Per Day: $0.43

Batch 5

Muscle Meat
3.5lbs boneless chicken breast
4.5lbs duck with bone
Total: 8lbs (47.48%)

Organ Meat
.5lbs chicken hearts
1.5lbs beef liver
Total: 2lbs (10.61%)

2lbs broccoli and radishes
.75lbs peas
.5lbs green beans
Total: 3.25lbs (19.29%)

1lbs blackberries
.6lbs tomatoes
1.5lbs strawberries
.5lbs pear
Total: 3.6lbs (21.36%)

Total: 16.85lbs
Total Days: 10
Cost Per Day: $2.45

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