The Internet Can’t Have Nice Things

“The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.” -Bill Gates

So yet another example of atrocious and despicable behavior on the internet. Its behavior like this that has the UK and the states of Arizona and New York consider legislation to ban trolling and anonymous posting online.

I don’t believe that laws should exist against trolling. There’s a very practical reason for that which they will be extremely difficult and costly to enforce, if it’s even possible.

Jay Smooth said it better than I can.

Sexism exists in society. Society exists on the internet. Ergo, sexism exists on the internet. It’s not like this is the first example of gross misogyny online. For example, see here, here, and here  and that’s just 8 seconds of Googling. The misogyny and sexism that exists online is fucked up. So is the misogyny and sexism that exists in the real world. Laws against trolling aren’t going to fix that.

The solution here isn’t legislation. It’s fixing society. And that is a helluva lot harder than just passing a law.

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