The Roland Burris Debacle

“The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you’ve got it made.” -Groucho Marx

I haven’t really commented on the whole Roland Burris thing because I simply have not had much to say on the matter. The entire Blagojevich issue has been botched from the beginning. The FBI shouldn’t have released the tapes until they had a solid case. The Illinois legislature shouldn’t have impeached him until they had solid charges. Harry Reid should have kept his trap shut. The state elected Blagojevich, what he does to abuse that power is up to the people of Illinois to deal with, not Harry Reid.

Yeah, now we know Burris lied during the investigation and whether or not he actually did anything wrong, he is “tainted.”*

I love Wonkette. They completely hit the nail on the head here.

Roland Burris! This guy! The respected Chicago politician who has his own glamorous mausoleum already built and who repeatedly lost in his many attempts at seeking a public office higher than dog catcher managed to weasel his way into the Senate by calling Harry Reid a racist. As we watched events unfold in December and January we were frankly amazed by his PR strategy which involved, number one, accepting an appointment by a TAINTED governor that literally no other self-respecting Democrat in the state would take, and number two, again, calling Harry Reid a racist.

NPR/CNN/MSNBC/Whoever should have the Wonkette writers do the politics run down. We’d get more accurate information. And it would be less depressing.

*I am seriously tired of people using this word to describe the situation. Can’t they find a word without a sexual connotation?

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