They Are Coming For Us!

“I hope I can bring the realization that everyone is controlled by fear. Whether it is imagined or actual, the fear is real to them and controls every aspect of their lives.” -Debby Shoun

I don’t regularly read Balloon Juice, but this piece about Glenn Beck’s rally is fascinating. I think it’s really hard for me to understand what motivates people to follow someone like Glenn Beck. Dennis G. compares Beck to D.C. Stephenson, one of the leaders of the KKK.

This piece contends that, even more than Blacks, foreign-born Catholics terrified the populous.  What lead people to buy into the vitriolic message of the KKK was the fear that that “foreigners, immigrants and their weird religions that were out to conquer and subjugate the United States.”

The piece pulls a section from a Wiki article on the KKK and updates it to reflect the fears of the Glenn Beck followers.

“The Klan’s Teabagger’s primary enemies were Catholics Muslims who the Klan Teabaggers feared were behind secret plots to overthrow the government and exterminate Protestants. Another important enemy was people of foreign birth, especially those from Catholic Islamic countries. A third, and lesser enemy, were blacks.”

Only 28% of American’s have a passport.* We don’t have to travel. We don’t interact with other cultures.  All the black kids sit together in the cafeteria. And we’re all afraid of each other.

*If you’re interested, you can read this piece from Phil Gyford’s website about passport statistics.

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