Trump: He’s Our Fault

Two things completely unrelated things happened on Friday. Muhammad Ali died. And I happened to venture to the front page of the New York Times.

Most news sites have a “Most Read” feature on them. Those little boxes populate automatically based on the number of times someone, well, reads an article. Articles with the most hits end up in the box.

This is what the Most Viewed section of the New York Times looked like.


Trump, Trump, a really interesting piece about marrying the wrong person, Trump and, finally, Ali.

I thought this was curious. It’s not like Trump has actually done anything weird or interesting in the last few days. Well, weird or interesting for Trump. So I wondered what the Washington Post had.

At least Ali was above Trump (though below teacher having sex with student), but Trump is three of the top five.

The Wall Street Journal:WSJ

And Salon:Salon

You want to know what keeps Trump in the news cycle? What keeps people talking about him? It’s us. We read these article. We’re clicking on them. We’re making sure he’s the most read.

You want someone to blame for Trump? Blame yourself.

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