Updating The iPod

“I have everything in my iPod, from rap to country to R&B to alternative to Sinatra.” -David Wright

My iPod is always a disaster. I throw on a few top forty singles until I get bored with them, which is great for running but not so great for a more than 30 minute car ride. Or plane ride. Or even running, really. You can only listen to Taio Cruz’s “Dynomite” so many times before it’s annoying to run to.

I asked on Twitter for suggestions about what to put on my iPod.  Here’s what I got so far:

A Tribe Called Quest
The Streets
The Roots
Michael Jackson
Daft Punk
Grizzly Bear “Vecketimest”
Mastodon “Crack the Skye”
Pinback “Summer in Abaddon”
Burning Airlines “Identikit”
Steve Earl
Mumford and Sons
Simon and Garfunkel

What else should I have on it?

Thanks @the_jonx, @onafolddraw, @caitycaity, @HellaSound, @dmfarley, and my dad for their suggestions so far.

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