Vagina Is A Four Letter Word

“It’s really time for us to grow up and discover our vaginas.” -Loretta Swift

Kotex has put out a new series of commercials out to advertise a new line of products. They are mocking old tampon commercials. From the New York Times article:

Another spot, which will make its debut next month, opens with a woman strolling confidently toward the camera. “I’m a believably attractive 18- to 24-year-old female,” she says. “You can relate to me because I’m racially ambiguous. Market research shows that girls like you love girls like me.”

The sense of an ad somehow deconstructing itself continues, as she says, “Now I’m going to tell you to buy something. Buy the same tampons I use. Because I’m wearing white pants, and I have good hair, and you wish you could be me.” Screen text near the end of the spot asks, “Why are tampon ads so obnoxious?”

However, according to this piece “three major networks refused to run the ad, saying the word vagina is not suitable for broadcast.”

Fucking seriously?

Half naked people are fine for commercials? Implied bestialityLesbians? All peachy.

But the fucking word “vagina” is not.

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