Week Four: Wednesday through Sunday

Wednesday, we took a night off. The kitchen was arriving on Thursday and we’d blocked the weekend to install the kitchen.

On Thursday, we turn up at the house, excited and prepared to install a kitchen, only to discover that the only remaining part of the wall where the plaster hadn’t fully dried was a corner of the kitchen. Which meant we couldn’t hang cabinets. Which meant we couldn’t install the kitchen.

The kitchen arrived anyway.

We had some other projects to work on, like repairing the front wall, finishing the bathroom cabinets and installing electrical outlets, so we set to work on that. Trouby decided to have an exciting day, by escaping. As I was feeding wiring to the boyfriend, who was below the house, I got a call from someone who said they had found a very cute dog wandering around outside. I took off, abandoning the boyfriend under the house, and ran towards where the woman had said she had found him. Our contractor, who had just left (and left the door open thus allowing the monster to escape), was driving back up the street, with the dog riding shotgun. He’d seen Trouby running around as he was driving home, stopped and picked him up and was bringing him back.

Trouby was very exhausted after his solo neighborhood tour

The painted downstairs

On Friday, it became clear that the wall wouldn’t be dry in time, so we, frustratingly, moved on to other projects. We needed to insulate and fix the front wall. We’re planning to put a window seat in there, so we made the plans for that as well. The painter came by and we discovered there was an issue with the sliding door in the living room. The plaster had made the wall behind it thicker and now it was sticking. So I was tasked with fixing that.

Repaired door. Now the trim doesn’t scrape along the wall.

Our contractor was planning to sand the downstairs floor on Saturday so we needed to get the kitchen out of the way. We managed to tetris it into a few places around the house, except for the oven and the fridge, which they had to move from one side of the room to the other.

On Saturday, the contractor sanded the floor and put in the kitchen floor, both of which looked amazing. We had chosen a dark stain, but upon seeing how bright the floor was naked, we opted for a lighter shade.

Working on installing the kitchen floors.

Further, we made some decisions about the storage space in our bedroom. The sellers had used curtains to cover it, but we wanted something more substantial. I headed to the hardware store to get some wood to test it. Also, I put in a carbon monoxide detector (recommended during the house inspection) and attempted to install a fan in the bathroom. The first fan was broken and needs to be returned. During the process of installing the replacement, we discovered there was no grounding wire running to the bathroom. So before we try to install the fan again, that has to be fixed.  

Trouby supervising my work


Painting this thing for the second time

Sunday, we finally finished the wall. And I finally finished (repainting) the vanity for the upstairs bathroom (more on this later), as well as a few other small projects. The test for the bedroom cabinets worked great (more info on this later, when we install them.) At least we finished the weekend on a positive note. 



Oh and I stepped on a plank of rusty nails, but who needs a right foot anyway?

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