Week 12

Under pressure from an impending visitor, we pushed to get the final construction projects in the house done. The biggest of which was the window seat. We had gotten pretty far with the frame last week but now it needed to be painted and to add some final touches, including some trim work.

We also started on putting the half wall into the kitchen. The plan is to build in some shelves, including space for the dog food bowls and to match the countertop to the one in the rest of the kitchen.

We painted the window seat, installed the trim and also put up some curtains. I whipped up a few pillowcases to go with. All that is missing now is the foam we ordered for the top of the seat.

Actually we put up our first curtain in the bathroom (which has a door to the balcony), as well as in the guest bedroom and the walking in closet. It’s becoming a real house.

By mid week, we had finished putting up the half wall in the kitchen and installed the shelves and the countertop. It’s missing the final touches, but looks pretty good. It only took us a week to convince Trouby to eat out of it.

Oh and we bought a new sofa bed for the guest room.


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