Week 16

As we’re planning to host Thanksgiving in the upcoming weeks, the focus has been on getting the house ready for guests. The plan is mostly to throw all the junk in our bedroom and make the downstairs look pretty.

To that end, I finished repairing the booze cabinet, which turned out gorgeous, if I do say so myself.

The boyfriend put in a guest coat rack in the beer cellar. We plan to put a coat rack in the entryway but we haven’t found what we wanted yet and we knew we would need more space anyway.

I filled and painted the door to the pantry, which looks great if I do say so myself. It really makes the kitchen much calmer, since it hides the busyness of the pantry.

We installed shelves in the guest room closet, so we could put more of the stuff away and have it be a bit more organized.

Then we rounded out the weekend by running a bunch of errands, including returning things which had been stashed in our pantry for weeks and buying things including light fixtures. We’re nearly there with the light fixtures. Now we just need to buy some door handles and mirrors.

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