Week 17 and 18

Week 17 was also the week of Thanksgiving and as we hosted 14 people, we spent most of the week preparing food, pies and then cleaning up. Thus we did not get much done in the house. One thing we did get finished was installing lights in the kitchen. They required a bit of fill and paint, leading me to getting the paint out about an hour before guests arrived, covering up the food on the counter and fixing that spot.

The big project, however, was installing shelves in what we are calling the “adventure cabinet.” A previous owner had built in a storage space above the stairs, which we had already installed a door on. But now it was time to organize it a bit better. Some shelves and a few boxes later, and now all of the camping stuff, seasonal clothing and our coats (during the off-season) have a place.

We also did some work on the office, basically cleaning it up and organizing all of the podcast stuff. This will get slightly better when I finally read through the entire box of books that is now stashed in the back of this closet…

A few smaller things. A toilet paper roll holder. And a fancy coat rack for the front entrance.

Plus, Trouby got himself a fancy new bed. It took him a good two weeks to adjust to it but now he’s happy with it.

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