Week 6 – Friday through Sunday

We woke up on Friday morning thinking we had an easy day of finishing up some packing. Instead I had multiple messages from our painter who had been kidnapped, was in Spain and would not be finishing the painting that day.

Because of course.


While annoying, we figured in the end, it would be better for us to finish the painting after we moved so the touching up could be done after we nicked all the walls moving. However, we really wanted to install shelves in the pantry to put the food away and before we could do that, we needed to paint the tile. So off to the hardware store we went.

Tile paint smells horrendous and I think I killed a lot of my brain cells but the end result was pretty good.

I only have photos from after we put the shelves in a few days later and unpacked, but the tiles are nice and not that horrible blue color and look at that pantry.

The move went pretty smoothly. We had lots of help, the washing machine made it upstairs and afterwards my fantastic inlaws took us out for dinner.

The house after the move.

The boyfriend and I spent Sunday unpacking what we could (namely the kitchen), installing the shelves in the pantry and commenting frequently about how many plants I own.

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