Week 7 through 9

After we moved in, we had to go back to work, so further updates have been progressing but slowly. Here’s where we started:

Contractor: replacing the kitchen floors, removing the kitchen, insulating the pantry (bijkeuken), installing an outside tap, replacing the pantry ceiling, replacing the bathroom floors, re-tiling the bathroom walls, removing a wall to open up one of the bedrooms, plastering and painting the entire house.

Us: prep the walls for the plasterer, install a new kitchen, build a banister, install the old kitchen cabinets in the shed, rerun the internet cables to a more sensible place, rewire the electricity on one of the floors, remove metal from and repair the brick facade, insulate a window, replace basically every light fixture, build a cabinet around the electrical meter, install a door in front of a storage space, install pantry shelves, install beer cellar shelves, fix the front wall, replacing the sinks in both bathrooms and replacing the toilet.

We’ve gotten a lot of stuff done on the original list, but we’ve also added a lot.

The upstairs bathroom sink is in, installed and finished. This is easily one of my favorite things that we’ve done. I’ll write more about this project in depth when I have some time.

We finished the kitchen installation. All that’s left is to put in a backsplash and install lights, but those are lower on the priority list.

After extensive debate and a lot of science, we oiled and finished the countertop in the kitchen. It looks amazing and I’m so happy with this choice.

We’ve pretty much finished the walk-in closet. That involved building and painting a dresses, hanging a clothing rack, installing some shelves on the wall. We want to put a door on the frame but that’s also a longer term project.

We managed to move the large furniture upstairs, including a huge antique secretary that had to go over the balcony. Terrifying, but went off without a hitch.

We re-re-did the downstairs sink. After we installed it the first time, we realised that we could move the piping beneath the floor a bit and it would all sit much easier. Further, when we replaced the sink the first time, we realised that the tiles behind the original sink were damaged and needed some repairs. So we took it back out and put it back. And I repainted the entire room. Again killing all my brain cells.

Here’s the updated list of what’s left to do:

Build a banister – there’s still no banister around the top floor stairs, which is basically a death trap
Reinstall the handrailing – making that death trap more deathy, there hand railing also needs to be reinstalled
Finish the baseboards and electricity on the top floor
Remove metal from and repair the brick facade
Light fixtures – I think we have three?
Door handles – nearly all the doors need handles
Build a door for the walk-in closet
Install shelves in the storage space above the stairs
Buy a bed for the guest room
Mirrors – We’re currently living like vampires because there are no mirrors anywhere
Window seat – This is the next big project
Build a half wall in the kitchen

There’s also a number of furniture related projects to do and, of course, all of the unpacking.

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