Week Five – Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Ok, this weekend is finally, finally kitchen weekend. Friday, we first had to wait for the painters to prime the wall that the kitchen cabinet will go on. So in the meantime, we installed the bathroom sink. Unfortunately, we were missing a piece of plumbing, which we discovered at around ten in the evening, so we thought we had to wait until the next day. However, our contractor randomly stopped by (we suspect to check to see if we’d ruined the floors yet) and he had the correct piece. Success! Until it leaked.

The boyfriend also poked around at the hot water heater (CV kettle) to see if he could fix the hot water issue. He could not, so we have an appointment next week to get that repaired.

On Saturday, we started to assemble the cabinets. The upper shelves went in pretty easily and we got them installed by Saturday night. At the same time, I worked on cutting down an old wardrobe into shelves for the pantry. Reduce, reuse, recycle and also I am cheap.

The first cabinet!


All of the upper cabinets installed.

Sunday morning, we encountered a big problem. The bottom shelves were 2 centimeters too wide for the space. We had measured the space before the plaster, and we had accounted for it, but not enough. We weren’t sure how off everything was going to be exactly (since there isn’t a straight wall in this entire house) so we opted to go on and see what happened when we got everything assembled.

In the afternoon, friends stopped by and we got the cabinets put together, we got the doors for the bedroom storage cabinet stained, installed the ladder into the beer cellar and put in a hand rail and fixed the sink.

This was worth all of the effort.

Late Sunday evening, we spent a few hours cleaning up, putting out trash and generally trying to get the place in order so we could move.

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