Week Five – Monday through Thursday

After the ending of Week Four, we got some sleep on Sunday and made our plans for the next week. All of the contractors should be finished (on time) this week, so we’re looking forward to that.

Here’s the status:

Contractor: replacing the kitchen floors, removing the kitchen, insulating the pantry (bijkeuken), installing an outside tap, replacing the pantry ceiling, replacing the bathroom floors, re-tiling the bathroom walls, removing a wall to open up one of the bedrooms, plastering and painting the entire house.

Us: prep the walls for the plasterer, install a new kitchen, build a banister, install the old kitchen cabinets in the shed, rerun the internet cables to a more sensible place, rewire the electricity on one of the floors, remove metal from and repair the brick facade, insulate a window, replace basically every light fixture, build a cabinet around the electrical meter, install a door in front of a storage space, install pantry shelves, install beer cellar shelves, fix the front wall, replacing the sinks in both bathrooms and replace the toilet.

While we were off at our cushy office jobs, the painters continued to paint the trim, which is looking better and better. The contractor finished the kitchen floor and installed the faucets in the bathroom.

Final kitchen and dining room floors

In the evening, the boyfriend headed over to the house to try to fix the electrical issue we discovered on Sunday. It was a late night but he was successful.

On Tuesday, we made the most insane dash to Ikea and the hardware store after work, making us those people who were the last people to check out at the hardware store. Our dresser was out of stock but we picked up everything we needed to put in shelves in the walk in closet and a million other things and, most importantly, made it home in time to go get ice cream.

Wednesday, the contractor stained the floors, which look amazing, but mean we couldn’t walk in a lot of the house. We did get some work done on the upstairs sink. We also got a lot of packing done that night as well as on Thursday.

The painting continued on Thursday and by Thursday night, most of the work was done. There was a few things left to finish upstairs and then putting a final coat on the kitchen and dining room walls, which required use to install the kitchen. 

The sliding door in the living room is painted.



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