Week Four – Monday and Tuesday

We’ve had the house for a month and things are skipping along well. Here’s the list:

Contractor: replacing the kitchen floors, removing the kitchen, insulating the pantry (bijkeuken), installing an outside tap, replacing the pantry ceiling, replacing the bathroom floors, re-tiling the bathroom walls, removing a wall to open up one of the bedrooms, plastering and painting the entire house.

Us: prep the walls for the plasterer, install a new kitchen, build a banister, install the old kitchen cabinets in the shed, rerun the internet cables to a more sensible place, rewire the electricity on one of the floors, remove metal from and repair the brick facade, insulate a window, replace basically every light fixture, build a cabinet around the electrical meter, install a door in front of a storage space, install pantry shelves, install beer cellar shelves, fix the front wall, replacing the sinks in both bathrooms and replacing the toilet.

The painters spent Monday prepping/sanding/taping and doing whatever else one needs to do to paint an entire house. We wanted to install the shelves in the beer cellar but instead had to spend the evening fixing the door with the wood rot. 


Tuesday, painting commenced and we are thrilled with the color choice so far. They’ve gotten the trim done in a number of places. Finally, on Tuesday evening, we got the shelves in. Extremely useful for storing things since there’s nowhere else in the house to go with anything.



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