Week One – Monday

After months and months of waiting and planning, the day of the key handover has finally arrived. We’re now homeowners.

The House

Thankfully, we had booked in the contractor months beforehand. We have a planned schedule of three weeks of renovation work to do: replacing the kitchen floors, removing the kitchen, insulating the pantry (bijkeuken), installing an outside tap, replacing the pantry ceiling (it was revealed during the inspection that it is made from some flammable material, replacing the bathroom floors, re-tiling the bathroom walls, removing a wall to open up one of the bedrooms, plastering and painting the entire house.

Here’s the list of things we’re going to do ourselves: prep the walls for the plasterer, install a new kitchen, build a banister, install the old kitchen cabinets in the shed, rerun the internet cables to a more sensible place, rewire the electricity on one of the floors (which has a weird outlet system and a non-functioning overhead light), remove metal from and repair the brick facade, insulate a window, replace basically every light fixture, build a cabinet around the electrical meter, install a door in front of a storage space, install pantry shelves and install beer cellar shelves. More details on these things to come. Further this only includes the list of necessary projects, not the longer list of things we want to do.

The painter and the plasterer show up Monday afternoon and we immediately have our first problem. What we thought was plastered walls in the living room and one of the bedrooms turns out to be wallpaper, which needs to be removed before the plastering can start. No worries, the painter has a summer intern who gets stuck with the job.

We also discover that several spots on the walls don’t have drywall, but are wood, which can’t be plastered. So that needs to be replaced. This includes a bunch of spots under the eaves in the one of the bedrooms and the entire front wall on the ground floor.

The boyfriend and I spend a few hours on Monday night prepping the walls for the plasterer to start on Wednesday. We quickly realise that what needs to be done needs a lot more time. Fortunately, we have Tuesday off. Unfortunately, we’re supposed to spend it in Amsterdam with friends of ours. Homeownership, eh?


Here’s the keys!

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