Week One – Sunday

With the help of a good friend of ours, we head to the house to spend the day finishing up all the things that need to be done to the walls to prepare for the plasterer. There’s several places where drywall (gipsplat) needs to be repaired or placed in the first place. Also, we needed to take off all of the electrical sockets, light fixtures, etc on the ground floor.

It was a hot and sweaty day (temperatures over 90f/32c), but productive. The boyfriend worked on this ongoing electrical issue, while the friend and I built frames for the drywall. I don’t have a picture but the house even had an interior cat door (for reasons?) which we removed and repaired the wall. We are also planning to install a half wall in the kitchen, but we have to wait for the floors to be finished, so we only cut the wood for the frame and the drywall. 

Just some random shots of places we fixed dry wall.

Drywall under the eaves.

That evening, one of the university fraternities had a big BBQ to celebrate their anniversary, so we showered and headed to their festival, where we could sit and drink cold beer. Not so bad afterall.

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