Week One – Thursday, Friday and Saturday

I arrive at the house to find a lot of people working, including our contractor’s father, who was in the process of rewiring an outlet. We hadn’t included any electrical work in the planning, but it turns out that once the sink in the bathroom was removed, it was discovered some of the wiring and piping was installed poorly. And dad was visiting and was bored.

The contract has picked up the flooring for the bathroom, which looks great. The flooring for the kitchen is delayed.

Thursday evening, a new crisis emerges. The bathroom tiles we’ve picked out are out of stock. A quick Google search later, we find similar ones online that can be delivered on Friday. We spend the next few days hanging out with our friends, the tiles arrive and they have removed the bathroom tiles, a bunch of doors and are working on repairing the flooring in the room where we removed the wall.

The ceiling where the wall was removed.

When we moved in, we had a good surprise in that the sellers left several boxes of the laminate used in the upstairs, so we thought we didn’t have to buy any for the floor where the wall was removed. Then we got a back surprised because they were one plank short. And a worse surprise when we found out the laminate was old so they couldn’t just buy one more pack. So we bought new flooring anyway. You win some, you lose some.

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