Week One – Tuesday

We pack our friends off to the beach for the day and head over to the house. The contractor has arrived. We have the opposite of a problem. The room that lacked insulation turns out to be the coolest room in the house, demonstrated by the dog immediately claiming it as his own to escape the summer heat. No need to insulate. There’s a number of small decisions to be made (where to place the outside tap, where to move electrical outlets, etc) but nothing major.

They remove the kitchen in about thirty minutes. During that time, I’ve removed about two wall anchors (as part of the preparation for the plasterer.) The boyfriend spends the day working on electricity issues in one of the bedrooms.





We make our first trip to the hardware store to get a number of things to finish the electricity project, plus the wood cut to install a cabinet around the electrical meter.

After a full days work, we’ve prepped the walls on the top two floors for the plasterer and mostly fixed the electrical issues.

Read what happened on Monday.

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