Week Three – Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

At the start of Week Three, we’re pretty well on schedule and so far, we haven’t had too many issues.

To recap, here is the contractor list of stuff to do: replacing the kitchen floors, removing the kitchen, insulating the pantry (bijkeuken), installing an outside tap, replacing the pantry ceiling (it was revealed during the inspection that it is made from some flammable material), replacing the bathroom floors, re-tiling the bathroom walls, removing a wall to open up one of the bedrooms, plastering and painting the entire house.

In the end, it turned out we didn’t need to insulate the room, as was demonstrated by Trouby hiding out there every day since it was the coolest place in the house.

And here’s our list: prep the walls for the plasterer, install a new kitchen, build a banister, install the old kitchen cabinets in the shed, rerun the internet cables to a more sensible place, rewire the electricity on one of the floors (which has a weird outlet system and a non-functioning overhead light), remove metal from and repair the brick facade, insulate a window, replace basically every light fixture, build a cabinet around the electrical meter, install a door in front of a storage space, install pantry shelves and install beer cellar shelves. We’ve now added fixing the front wall (which will include building a window seat!) replacing the sinks in both bathrooms, and replacing the toilet.

We have had a few extra projects that we’d discussed but hadn’t totally decided to do, but we now have some clarity on. We’re going to need to install/design a system for the walk in closet. We have a rough plan for that now, but there’s still some debate about how to go forward. We also want to build our own bed. Installing a banister upstairs is on hold while we create a design for this. This project won’t happen until after we move in. We also need to design a custom desk for the office to deal with both of our work-from-home needs plus the podcast recording.

On Monday, the plasterer finishes, packs up and heads out. The house looks amazing. Everything is straight and sharp and it’s well worth the (very large) bill that turns up later. We work on two smaller projects at home: me on the dresser for the downstairs bathroom sink and the boyfriend on the mini-library.

37 coats of polyurethane later…

I had asked for a mini-library for the front of the house for my birthday last year, but plans had been on hold because we wanted the design to match the new house. It’s now almost finished. Somehow, I’ve managed to take no photos of this but I’ll be sure to post some when we install it.

Tuesday, we headed back to Ikea. This time to actually buy a sink and to pick up a few more pegs and one small pegboard for the shed. When we arrive, the debit card machines aren’t working but eventually that sorts itself out and we’re able to get what we need.

On Wednesday, we finish the mini-library, the dresser for the sink and the contract finishes tiling the bathroom.

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