Week Three – Saturday and Sunday

We started off the weekend with an overly long trip to the hardware store. It seemed everyone and their cousin was doing home repair this weekend. I waiting an hour in line to have wood cut. The upside was that I just downloaded the Kindle app to my phone and I read nearly an entire book while waiting.

An entire hour waiting to cut a single plank that was too big to fit into the car.

Back at the house, the contractor was busy putting in the black grout onto the bathroom tiles. It honestly looked like he was murdering a demon.

We started to tackle the two big projects for the weekend (which needed to get done so we could have them painted): putting a cabinet in around the electrical box and installing a door in front of this odd storage space above the stairs.

It’s a weird hole and we’re not sure what we’re going to store here.

I also started working on the upstairs bathroom cabinet.

Still not 100% sold on the color but we’ll decide when it’s in the space.

The contractor finished up the bathroom and also installed the outdoor tap. He then moved onto the pantry ceiling.

While the boyfriend was busy with the cabinet, I worked on removing all of this metal from the brick facade. Saturday ended with us not having gotten anything completely done and it all taking longer than expected. With that and the heat, we were a bit demoralised on Saturday evening.


Me working on removing the metal, with my trusty assistant.


To the left of the railing, you can just see some of the repair work.


We got back into it in Sunday and managed to finish both the cabinet and the door. I thought I finished the metal but as I was closing the door, I discovered yet more nails in the wall. We decided to put that off to finish after we move.


One fully covered meter


Patching the small gap between the wall and the door.


Somehow I have a picture with the door opened but not closed.


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