Week Three – Thursday and Friday

On Thursday, we meet with the painter, who is planning to start on the following day. Aaannnddd we discover the electricity doesn’t work. The contractor suggests to hire an electrician but the boyfriend declares that he can fix this. We also decide to use black grout in the bathroom. My in laws take us out for a lovely (and much needed) meal that evening.

Friday morning, the boyfriend starts on the electricity by testing basically every outlet in the house. Eventually, he heads into the crawlspace to see if the problem is down there.

Finally, hours later, it’s resolved. It seems there was a live wire which was shorted out by the water from the plaster work. We also discover a stock of old tiles (we’d been warned by the sellers that they were there) which we’re now considering trying to work into the backsplash in the kitchen.

The painters discovered there’s wood rot on one of the window frames and on one of the doors. The contractor can fix some of it and we’ll have to do the rest. The kitchen floor is supposed to arrive on Friday but it’s missing in action.

The best news of the day is that we measure to see if the washing machine will fit upstairs and it just does.

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