Week Two – Monday and Tuesday

With the lack of water issue fixed, the plasterer returned on Monday morning and things started going fast. They primed the entire house, turning it all this lovely yellow color.

Then they got started on the upstairs, the only room they had managed to get primed last week. It was such a dramatic change.



The room from the other side

Meanwhile, down in the bathroom, the tiling was progressing rapidly. We’d also opted to replace the floors, which had arrived, but wouldn’t be installed until the tiling was completed. We discovered/decided that the sink and vanity, which had been removed, couldn’t/shouldn’t be put back so we needed to get a new one. We also decided to replace the faucet for the bathtub/shower.








After browsing around, I decided all bathroom vanities are ugly and concluded that I can totally make my own. Famous last words?

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