Week Two: Saturday and Sunday

Saturday, we headed to the house of the grandmother of a friend of mine. Her grandmother had recently passed away and my friend had offered us a few things from the house. We got some lovely and weird bits, but no cabinets, so we walked over to a thrift shop nearby where we found a great little cabinet to use for the downstairs bathroom!

We spent most of the rest of the day scouring thrift stores for a cabinet for the upstairs bathroom and, frustratingly, got nowhere. Then, we got a call from our new neighbor. Apparently high winds had blown some things out of the dumpster in the front of the house and scratched up her car.

We headed to the house and dropped off our new acquisitions. Checking in with the neighbor, it seemed things sounded worse then they were. It seems the new neighbors won’t hate us afterall. We had about fifteen more minutes before another thrift stop around the corner closed, so we headed over just to check it out and, amazingly, found the perfect fit for the upstairs bathroom.

On Sunday, we actually made some more progress at the house. We installed the counters and countertop in the shed and hung the pegboards. No more toting tools around in a bag and thenarguing about where they had gone! Niels started working on removing some metal from the brick facade, which was rusting.

Meanwhile, the plasterer was working hard and wrapped everything up, except for two small spots, on Sunday.

Trouby was overseeing the whole process.

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