Week Two – Thursday and Friday

Plastering and tiling continues. We had to decide which way we wanted the bathroom tiles to go.

This was our choice.

And the plasterer finished prepping the walls downstairs, which will now actually be at right angles!

For us, Friday was a shopping day. We needed to buy two new sinks, we wanted to look for two cabinets to turn into vanities, we wanted to go to Ikea and make some plans for the pantry, the beer cellar and our walk-in closet. We also needed to make another trip the hardware store (during which I road around on the cart) to get some materials for the projects over the weekend. 


Other than the shopping materials, Friday was a bust. We couldn’t find what we wanted/needed. We did do some planning and made some decisions, but it felt a bit frustrating.

We did get this for ten bucks secondhand, which has been on the to-buy list for awhile.

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