Weight In Hollywood

“An eating disorder is defined as a psychological problem where one has disturbances with food and how they view their body and weight.” -Heather Fisher

Gabourey Sidibe’s role in the movie Precious was, as I’ve heard, tremendous.  I haven’t seen the movie but the reviews are impressive, especially of this woman’s performance. But of course, Howard Stern has something offensive to say about her, calling her enormous and saying she will never be in another movie.

Stern isn’t the only one wondering about that. From that article:

Jeffrey Wells, a columnist who’s lent his candid perspective on the industry to a variety of outlets over the years and now blogs about it on HollywoodElsewhere.com, said in an e-mail, “Gabby is a lovely person and a fine actress, but the hard fact is that she’s way, way too fat,” adding that the actress will suffer from health problems as well as limited career opportunities if she doesn’t lose weight.

“I don’t want Gabby to not work, but the only roles she’ll have a shot at playing will be down-market moms and hard-luck girls working at Wal-Mart,” Wells continued. “No casting director would choose her to play anyone in the upscale executive world … because no one in the executive world looks like her.”

And frankly, Wells has a point. Sidibe isn’t plus sized just by Hollywood standards (like above a size 6). She’s a very large girl. And all that weight isn’t healthy. Her body size is just as dangerous as Kate Moss’s is, in that carrying that much extra weight is as bad for you as living on half an apple a day.

I don’t want either of those two being held up as examples for young women today. I don’t want Kate Moss encouraging 14 yr olds to throw up every meal any more than I want Gabourey Sidibe allowing size 22 14 yr olds thinking that their weight is ok.

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