What Is Beautiful?

The Triggering is/was a movement to “trigger” people on social media (specifically social justice warriors) by posting upsetting content. It was dreamed up Lauren Souther, inspired by a South Park episode. You can read more in Charles Pulliam-Moore’s piece on Fusion.

Unsurprisingly, people who participated mostly did not understand what trigger warnings are for. In order for them to be useful, they need to be presented on material which may unexpectedly contain triggering information, such as on a course syllabus. My guess is that people who support trigger warnings probably don’t follow a lot of people on Twitter who participated in The Triggering. Or if they do, knew the material would be awful because they put a fucking hashtag on it. So it was basically just a circle jerk of awfulness. So basically it was Twitter.

The Triggering hashtag saw a lot of racist, sexist and homophobic stuff but the fat acceptance movement took its own share of the whining. I suppose I understand, though clearly do not agree with, the argument that the fat acceptance movement is bad and encourages people to be unhealthy. What I find confusing, however, is the argument that fat people aren’t attractive.

To men, of course.


Setting aside the fact there are plenty of women who aren’t vying for the attention of men, whether because they have other sexual preferences or because they just don’t give a shit about men finding them attractive, plenty of men find fat women attractive.

There are plenty of men married to fat women. Porn is made starring fat women. Erotia genres are dedicated to fat women. There are even slang terms (chubby chaser?) for men who sleep with fat women.

I am not saying that fat women should get over the whole acceptance thing There is plenty of garbage discrimination in the world. But I am confused by the blanket statement about fat women not being attractive. These people clearly use the internet. You can Google for all of this stuff.

What they mean to say is “Fat women aren’t attractive to me” which is still problematic garbage but at least accurate.

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