What To Do About Trump

Donald Trump’s rhetoric during the campaign was scary. His actions as president elect are terrifying. His claims that the election results are rigged. Nepotism. Bannon. The list goes on. So what can be done to counteract Trump?


1. Support Journalism
Fascist regimes fear journalists. Good quality journalism does not come for free. Support the work that will hold Trump accountable.

I bought subscriptions to: The New York Times, The Washington Post, Slate (their Slate Plus) and (donated to) ProPublica. If you have a local and/or state newspaper, buy a subscription.

2. Donate Money To Organizations Who Oppose Trump’s Agenda
Trump has made it clear that he doesn’t believe in climate change, he hates immigrants, he doesn’t believe in civil liberties and he’s going to repeal the ACA. He’s also said a lot of other terrible things, but those four areas are, I think, where the worst impact is going to be felt. There are existing organisations which do good work supporting these causes.

I donated to the ACLU. For me, the threat to civil liberties is the scariest. The Southern Poverty Law Center and Council on American-Islamic Relations would also be good choices. Friends have choosen Nature Conservancy, Oyster Recovery Partnership, Chesapeake Bay Foundation and the Sierra Club as environmental groups. If other people have suggestions for other groups, please let me know.

3. Call Out Bigotry Wherever You See It
There is no justification for tacitly agreeing with bigotry in your life. This is going to make you a buzzkill at parties. If that is the worst that happens to you, count yourself lucky.


I’ve already backed out of attending a costume party I thought had a racist theme. It’s a small example but an important one. If you’re a white progressive person and you’re not calling out the racist uncle at Thanksgiving or you are laughing at a comedian’s sexist jokes, you are the problem.

4. Amplify Marginalized Voices
If you’re benefiting from privilege, one of the most powerful things you can do is to use your status to amplify the voices who are not as heard as loudly as you. This can mean everything from sharing posts on social media to deliberately ensuring marginalized voices are heard in your meetings at work.

I’m making (more of) a deliberate effort to find journalists who are members of marginalized groups (people of color, etc) and to share their work with others (as I do this a lot already.)

5. Support Marginalized And Progressive Voices
Make your economics as progressive as your politics. Spend your money in ways that amplify your politics.

I am going to spend 2017 only purchasing books from marginalized authors. I’ve selected my newspaper/media subscriptions in part because I follow a lot of journalists who work for those publications who are women, journalists of color, etc. For example, here’s a list of businesses owned by women of color.

6.Support Progressive Candidates in the 2018 Midterms
Our system of government does have checks and balances. Checking Trump’s power can be done not just via the House and the Senate but also in local and state elections. Give to or campaign for local candidates who support your values. Make your voice heard by going to local town hall meetings. Calling your representatives. After all, “All politics is local.”

As I’m not residing in the US, this is a little more challenging for me to accomplish. I’m planning to wait to see which races are important for progressive causes and donate to those campaigns. For now, I’ve donated to the run off election in Louisiana, which could help the Democrats hold a bigger slice of the Senate.

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