Who Doesn’t Want To Unfollow?

I’ve been listening to the TLDR podcast from On The Media since it first started. The most recent podcast talked about #UnfollowAMan Day, a fake holiday proposed by writer Katie Notopoulos in which one takes that day to unfollow a man on Twitter.

Though Notopoulos did unfollow all of the men she was following on Twitter, it was a social experiment, and not something she’s advocating as a true holiday. But she did learn things from it, which she discusses on the podcast.


That wasn’t what interested me most, however. She mentions that, even when someone’s posts annoyed her, she didn’t unfollow them. When she brought the idea up to the BuzzFeed office, it turns out a lot of people were following the same, as they describe them, assholes. And these were the people they choose to unfollow, as though they needed the holiday as an excuse to remove someone they admittedly did not like from their lives.

Notopoulos mentions that, as with Facebook, people don’t want to unfollow other people. I find this interesting. Unlike with Facebook, where it is easy to see if you are friends with someone, Twitter doesn’t make it so simple. You have to go through your own followers to see if a person is following you.

While with Facebook, I see the merits of being friends with people you don’t actually like (family obligations, etc.) Twitter doesn’t carry the same weight. I purge people from my Twitter followers all the time. But maybe I’m a cold hearted bitch.

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