Why Yes, Hitler IS funny

“Humor is the sunshine of the mind.” –Edward Bulwer-Lytton

As I’ve mentioned, I found the Hitler’s Downfall spoofs to be hysterical. Watching the actor that plays Hitler get spitting (literally) mad about his modded Xbox   getting busted cracks me up whenever I watch it.

Unfortunately, it turns out that some people don’t find it funny.

From the article (written by Susan Estrich):

“That Adolf Hitler! Ha! Ha! What a riot. A laugh a minute. There is, obviously, something very troubling about this very popular series. Hitler is not funny.

Killing six million Jews is no joke.”

Actually, no one is making light of killing 6 million Jews (not to mention the countless numbers of other groups that Hitler didn’t care for). None of these (or none that I have seen) have laughed at or mocked the plight of the people persecuted by Hitler.

She also adds:

“Do the people making these videos have any idea what the “real” Hitler is actually saying? Or, even more importantly, what he did? The reality is that the kind of hatred he fed on, spewed and spread is still very much alive. It it weren’t, he might be funny.”

Actually, I think the very fact that that hatred is still around is exactly why these videos are funny. While Ms. Estrich seems to think that the people who are making these videos are making light of the Holocaust or Nazis or genocide, they aren’t. They are mocking Hitler. Hitler looks like a tool.

In the movie, he’s getting pissy with his top generals for losing in Russia, something everyone knew was going to happen (See French Invasion of Russia, 1812).

But you don’t even need to know this to be able to mock him. We watch Hitler (whom everyone knows was a d-bag) explode with rage, screaming and yelling like a child in the checkout line who didn’t get a Ring Pop or Pokemon cards or whatever the kids are screaming for these days. And so we mock him, by making it appear that he is screaming in rage over a modded Xbox.

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