Wink Wink Nod Nod?

“There’s a lot of winking and nodding here.” -Joseph Alpher

I was trolling the internet for apartments and, as the owner of a big dog, I’m always looking for pet polices. I came across this pet policy:

At Fenwick Place, we are committed to serve our 4-legged residents as well. Cats and Dogs are welcome at our community. Weight limit for dogs is 70lbs.

Aggressive breeds are not permitted, as recommended by the Humane Society. *Please call for details.

First, the Humane Society doesn’t have such a recommendation.

Secondly, this is the picture on their website:

That’s an English Bull Terrier (aka Spuds MacKenize aka The Target Dog). And those dogs sometimes get lumped into the evil pit bull designation.

So either this management company has no idea what that dog is…or they are secretly telling Bullie owners that they are welcome.

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