“We are getting into semantics again. If we use words, there is a very grave danger they will be misinterpreted.” -H.R. Haldeman

I got into a discussion a few days ago about the different words for beauty and their different connotations. It came up after I was engaging in some dirty “sexting.” After sending some dirty pics back and forth, my sexting partner commented that I was “beautiful.”

“Beautiful” is something you say to someone you care about, not someone you’re simply engaging in the exchange of illicit photos with.  This got me thinking about the words to describe a woman’s attractiveness and what they all mean.

“Sexy” is so over used by internet comments and guys on the corner that, unless it’s special circumstances, is almost not worth using. Special circumstances like describing your woman’s eyes or a specific article of clothing. Any general use of the word seems trite.

“Pretty” is a good choice, especially if you’re describing a specific body part (your eyes are really pretty). It’s a good non-creepy description.

“Beautiful” just seems to be one of those post-coitus, laying in bed with your love, looking into their eyes sort of words. Something you say when you’re trying to be sweet or talk to someone you care deeply about.

“Hot” is a good choice, albeit a bland one. It verges onto overuse, but it’s not as bad as sexy.

“Attractive” seems somewhat clinical almost, like a diagnosis more than a compliment.

Let me be clear, I’m not going to complain about someone calling me any of these (barring them being a creep to begin with.) However, each word has an optimal place.

There are tons more. One friend suggested “Bad” and “Fat,” both he specified you can’t use around white women, because the former confuses them and the later makes them cry. Another suggested “Bangable” which I pointed out could describe anyone after enough shots.

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